The climate change of the world is now a much talked matter and it is being happened due to the global warm. Ice melting, increasing of water, decreasing of lands and above all housing problem is also increasing to a great extend due to the climate change and environmental hazards. Bangladesh, a land of almost 18 crore people has a glorious history, heritage and sacrifice that had been liberated five decades back through a bloody struggle. Around thirty lac of innocent people and almost two lac women had to sacrifice their precious lives and chastity to have this independent land. As a responsible citizen of such a country which had been gained in lieu of a sea of blood Dr. Md. Shadi-Uz-Zaman, a creative man and also a dreamer took the initiative to establish a business organization named “Notundhora Assets Ltd.”- for the new generation. Dr. Md. Shadi-Uz-Zaman is a worthy son of a Valiant Freedom Fighter Md. Shahiduzzaman. A highly qualified personality Dr. Md. Shadi-Uz-Zaman who possess a strong mental strength, knowledge of land management, experienced professional, adequate self confidence, sincerity and honesty who initiated his relentless journey of Notundhora Assets Ltd. with a strong team of young, energetic hardworking people on November, 2016. Dr. Md. Shadi-Uz-Zaman took the responsibility of the Managing Director and side by side to assist him as the most trusted co-fighter Ms. Merryna Shadi, Deputy Managing Director who is very well experienced in real estate sector, an intelligent and knowledgeable personality as well. There is a Board of Directors of Notundhora Assets Ltd. Mr. Bazlur Rahman as Honorable Chairman of the company, a highly experienced business personality with 50 years of business experience and also a social worker. Mr. Shahin Miah Shikder, an experienced and real estate professional, Mr. Ferdous Alam Khan (Executive Director), a well known business man and above all Mrs. Shahanara Begum, the most respected one who inspires all for moving forward this business organization. With the beautiful direction of such a creative Board of Directors today, this new destination for the new generation “Notundhora” is a well established business organization. It seems like a nice struggle and now it is at the door of victory Notundhora is progressing for creating a ‘Notundhora’ (A New World). The unparalleled housing project ‘Notundhora’ is a world of new generation which had been established by the side of Dhaka-Mawa 300 ft. express way of the Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge, the dream of the whole nation which is inaugurated already by the Honorable Prime Minister Jananetri Sheikh Hasina. This housing project is only 18 km away from Motijheel, the business hub of Dhaka. The housing project of ‘Notundhora’ is located in two Upazilas. This housing project has already received Environmental No Objection Certificate from the local authority, Appreciation letter for work of this project by Upazila Parishad and No Encumbrance Certificate given by Deputy Commissioner and all this thing prove that it is the acknowledgement of hundred percent transparency of Notundhora Housing Project. Apart from this, Notundhora is the only housing project that has approval for land purchasing and mutation as per the Land Management Manual of District Administration. Notundhora Assets Ltd. is now a proud member of Bangladesh Land Developers Association (BLDA) and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (DCCI). It is also a registered organization of National Housing Authority and also got license from the Ministry of Commerce, and an ISO Certified organization which earlier had ISO 9001:2008 and now ISO 9001:2015 Certified. At present Notundhora Housing Project has got the certificate from Department of Environment and also had been given approval Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). It has been achieved within a very short span of time. Recently Notundhora Assets Limited has been given clearance certificate by Dhaka Transport Co-Ordination Authority (DTCA). It has also got the recognition of the best real estate company of the year. Notundhora Assets Limited received Arthokontho Business Excellence Award as the best real estate company in 2020 held at the Ball Room of Westin Hotel in Dhaka in which Honorable Mr. Tipu Munshi, Minister, Ministry of Commerce of Bangladesh gave away this prestigious award. An exclusive interview of Dr. Md. Shadi-Uz-Zaman could be viewed at the own website of BTI, a very top ranked company of the country, and it could be marked as the wonderful achievement of Notundhora. A very widely circulated national daily Prothom Alo ran an exclusive interview of Dr. Md. Shadi-Uz-Zaman on January 25, 2021 which had added a new dimension in housing sector. To mark the Prothom Alo REHAB Fair, in the special issue on housing sector, a very important analytical opinion of Dr. Md. Shadi-Uz-Zaman was published in Prothom Alo. Among many organizations as a land management project his analytical views only published in that special issue. Another exclusive interview of him was brought out in Kalerkantho, a Bengali daily on February 18, 2018. Kalerkantho also published an expert opinion of Dr. Shadi-Uz-Zaman in the special issue on real estate and housing sector published on June 29, 2019. Prothom Alo, a top ranked daily got an International award titled “Global Media Award-2021” by International News Media Association (INMA). Prothom Alo authority gave the recognition to seven organizations as the main partners and associates of this very valuable and rare international award. These are: Notundhora Assets Limited, Shah Cement, Holcim, Heidelberg Cement, BSRM, KSRM and Nikki Thai Aluminium. Notundhora Assets Limited was only one company from housing sector among these seven business organizations. In such a way Notundhora has been able to bring back confidence and transparency among the valued clients. Notundhora Assets Limited is moving forward with a view to make an environment friendly and well planned housing city and it had the highest target for developing the lands to this end. All types of modern civic amenities such as International Standard Theme Park, Golden Garden, Open Theatre, Birds Park, Bengali and English Medium School, College, University, Medical College & Hospital, Clinic, A Lake surrounded with trees and plants, Water Front, Play Ground, Green Space, Latest Shopping Mall, 5 Star Standard Hotel, Community Centre, Common Parking, Trade Centre, Filling Station, Mosque, Madrasha, Temple, Girja, Eidgah and Graveyard are to be ensured here. Besides, according to the company and government policy Gas, Water, Electricity, Telephone, Sewerage, Fire Service, Post Office, Police Station/ Police Out Post, Water Treatment Plant along with other demands to be fulfilled. Very recently Sunview Baganbari land project of five years old has been taken over/ purchased by Notundhora and now it is land mark in housing sector. The activities of Notundhora Assets limited have been surpassed over the country like Singapore, Middle East and different countries of Europe. With the commitment “We have moved a lot and will have to go far away” (Egiechi onek dur, Jetey hobey bohu dur) Notundhora has made 14 departments in a bid to co ordinate the gigantic works and, the departments are: Sales and Marketing Department, Purchase and Procurement Department, Legal Department, Credit Realization Department, Troubleshooting & Management Department (Realization), Troubleshooting & Management Department (Adjustment), Administration Department, Accounts Department, Information and Technology Department, Human Resource and Project Administration Department, Customer Service Department, Tele Sales and Marketing Department, Media and Promotion Department and Public Relation Department. With a view to make a new world for the new generation of Notundhora, over a hundred energetic people are working relentlessly along with highly meritorious, all rounder and well experienced officials like Mr. Anowar Hossain, Ex-Deputy Inspector General and Mr. Mahidur Rahman, an Ex-Superintendents of Police. It is now has become a common phenomenon for being regular news head line of the development, progress, national and social welfare activities of Notundhora. Notundhora Assets Limited always keeps itself engage in the welfare activities of the state as part of a citizen and national responsibilities and, immediately it has got the opportunity to give sponsorship to many national days and responded to the invitations for joining public welfare activities of many organizations like Housing & Public works Ministry, Disaster Management & Relief Ministry, Directorate of Forest, Directorate of Drug Control (Home Ministry), Health Ministry, Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection (Ministry of Commerce), Dhaka District Administration, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), Fire Service & Civil Defense, 21st, 25th and 28th BCS Forum, Housing & Building Research Institute (HBRI) and Notre Dame College. Dr. Md. Shadi-Uz-Zaman, Managing Director of Notundhora Assets Limited has been awarded as ‘The Star of the Year’ by Nepal Bangladesh Friendship Association for his outstanding contribution to the society. His honesty in business, creativity, working efficiency and rendering services to national and various social welfare activities helped enormously to have this prestigious award. Bangladesh has already implemented the Vision-2021 and with a view to materialize the dream of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the Nation ‘The Golden Bengal’ the country is moving forward rapidly under the dynamic leadership of the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with a view to fulfill the Vision-2041, and with this end in view ‘Notundhora Family’ is also a proud partner of this fast moving forward development activities.

Features of the project:

  • ► The project is located only 18 minutes’ drive away from Motijheel and Dilkusha. The project is located beside proposed 300 feet Dhaka-Mawa Four Lane Highway
  • ► Link with Dhaka-Mawa Highway and five other roads
  • ► Only 12 km distance from Jhilmil Project, Dhaka
  • ► Only 3 km away from proposed Dholeswari Jora Bridge (Kuchiyamora Bridge)
  • ► link roads connection for ‘Premium Plots’
  • ► Every plot is a ‘Premium Plot’
  • ► 72 feet wide main road inside the project
  • ► 11 exclusive Kingdoms which will always be monitored by CCTV
  • ► Every Kingdom will have entry gate with check post
  • ► The project is situated on a fully flood-free zone and is beautified with nature
  • ► Every Kingdom will have a Golden Garden which will be a aristrocally beautified garden
  • ► Bird Park, Lake
  • ► Restricted Beautified Open Theatre
  • ► Every plot is under FAR regulations
  • ► Attractive Main gate and own transportation facilities